new hack Old Items!!

Posted on 2013 Dec 01 by CoolHomer

Read whole post before you install it!

Finally it has come! I want to present Old Items Hack! This one differs from what you know. In order to get old buildings, skins and characters you play through storylineI In the menu you can find old decorations. Good luck and have fun!

This hack is quite elaborate in number of new quests, scripts, so it may contain some glitches/bugs. If game suddenly close, write to me when it happend.

Don't keep old items in the inventory until you finish storyline. Otherwise it may prevent quest to appear!

How to:

  • Android


  • 1

    Uninstall previous versions

    You can skip that step if you have got any other hack created by me.

  • 2
  • 3

    Install v0, run it and let it fully update

     When the download is complete, open your notifications and tap Tapped Out_4.6.0-v0.apk.
     Tap Install.
     Tap Open.
     Follow the instructions displayed on your Android phone or tablet to continue the installation process.

  • 4

    Install v1 and update it

    Don't uninstall v0!

  • 5


    Now play! Have fun!



  • You have to install v0 first (unless you have previous mod installed)
  • This is a hack.
  • Version v0 does not contain old items, v1 does.
  • You can share it  wherever you want but do not reupload!




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As he's not going to work on this hack anymore, any other donuts hack?


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Sorry guys, I'm not gonna be working on this anymore. It was fun, but it's just too demanding to keep hacking and to keep on with those updates. Sorry everyone.

Cool Homer

si te digo que te amo actualisas D:


Can you please do 4.7.4 update you have the best hack and it's not working now


please update because i cant play


4.7.4... you have the best mod out there and id like to see commitment.... can you plz update....


there is one thing i cant do, every time i open tapped out it says this update is required to continue. when i click the update google play pops up and shows me tapped out has been installed.


Please 4.7.3 Old items Hack.apk

Mine Gammel

All Hack for ios please :(


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For those who want kangs crashed ufo, buy that big laser gun then kang will fly in and you can shoot him




When is the update for the new hack coming out ? 4.7.2??


Please I need a new mod to Springfield v 4.7.2


Can you add for me the Debris Buster , I can't clean the hold debris I have it so tire.


Great hack thanks can you add the Xmas racoon, Santa Ned attire and Barney's king plow attire and the plow


Dude i love ur hacks but can u please make a new hack to get doughnuts and instead of the stuff appearing in ur shop can it already be bought and appear in ur inventory.Rest all is good


Dude i love ur hacks but can u please make a new hack to get doughnuts and instead of the stuff appearing in ur shop can it already be bought and appear in ur inventory.Rest all is good


Awesome hack! You must have work hard for this! But I will love if you add Kang's Crashed UFO, that is the only item I missing


how can I gent ilimit donut and money, I did install it to an android device


Add Duffblimp


Add Duff Blimp


great hack! great job!


i i love u mod but i still need the mayan god and mayan homer :)

nice mod

Thanks a million for adding the Casino sign and the Thanksgiving 2013 balloons! You're the best!


Thank you for all of your hard work. This is hands down the best Tapped Out Mod available! Keep up the great work.


Thank you so much got 250 donuts, loads of buildings and everything I wanted cheers
Done it on my galaxy s4, from uk essex


i still miss the 4th july homer skin, the robot dog, the mayan man and the mayan homer skin :) but it is a nice mod :)

i miss

does this hack give you any donuts?


I love youre mod!! Please add the Christmas racoon and the Cletus Kids. Greetings from Germany


I really love this hack! But i wondering if you can add Kang's crashed ufo? Not only the Victorian Ufo and Kodos crashed ufo.

Your fan

Hello CoolHomer, thank you very much! The hack is awesome. Im nearly done finishing the old items but now need to buy "Phineas Q. Butterfats" but dont have the 80 donuts required. Is there a way to fix this issue? Kind regards Leroy


Your mods suck. You wish you were cool but your just doing what spanser got sick of doing. Blow me

coolbrown love cock

keeps saying cant connect to server, using bluestacks, is there anyway around this?


hi, the hack is great, but the donuts are not working. what do I need to do?


Thank you very much for the hard work and all of your free time, to make such a good mod.

With best greetings


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